Awards Ceremony

With a full-house at the awards ceremony - presented by Cologne's most famous puppet, Kosta Rapadopoulos - this  year's edition of the European Short Film Festival, UNLIMITED, closed with festive celebrations which lasted until the early morning hours. Both the Mayor of Cologne, Angela Spizig, and Managing Director of the Film and Media Foundation NRW, Petra Müller, thanked Festival Director, Marita Quaas, and her team for their continuous dedication to the creative short film genre. 

The jury members, filmmakers and public were pleased with this year's excellent film program and exceptional festival atmosphere. 

The regional and European winners of the two European and NRW competitions were elated with their awards. Guests for each of the selected winning films  were present in Cologne for the ceremony and were able to receive their awards in person. 


Dimanches Sundays
Der Mond ist ein schöner Ort The Moon is a Wonderful Place
Big Bang Big Boom

European Competition

1. Jury Prize

Dimanches Sundays
BEL 2011, Valéry Rosier, Fiction/Documentary 16 min, without dialogue

"Dimanches shows us how interesting a film about nothing can be – in the hands of the right director. Valéry Rosier presents a sunday in rural Belgium in a series of precise, well observed, beautifully photographed tableaux. This is not a common film about exceptional things, but an exeptional film about common things. It’s human, it’s warm, sometimes absurd, often funny. And always brilliant."

The first prize is a film purchase award, sponsored by Westdeutschen Rundfunk (WDR)

2. Jury Prize

Big Bang Big Boom
ITA 2010, Blu, Animation 10 min, without dialogue

"This film is a delight. It’s handmade, wild, playful and chaotically rambling. It’s like watching a thought evolve. To this artist, the world is a giant playground. This film connects us with our inner child and it reminded us how good a short form can be."

The second prize is a monetary prize worth 750 Euros, sponsored by THELSA FILMS

3. Jury Prize

GB 2010, Daniel Mulloy, Fiction 25 min, English

"Here’s a film that engaged us from the first frame. Two strangers meet, and what follows defies all our expectations. The film poses moral dilemmas for both the audience . . . and its characters. It’s a story of incredible intimacy, beautifully crafted and assuredly directed."

The third prize is a monetary prize worth 500 Euros, sponsored by Filmbüro NW.

Audience Award

The audience voted per voting ballot also for Baby by Daniel Mulloy and was awarded a monetary prize worth 500 Euros, sponsored by the city magazine 'choices'. 

Regional Competiton

1. Jury Prize

Der Mond ist ein schöner Ort
The Moon is a Wonderful Place

Cologne 2011, Anne Maschlanka/Victoria Gurtovaj, Documentary 15 min, Albanian with German subtitles

"A unique and exceptional film told from the perspective of a special young girl. A film that astounds and even causes the viewer to shudder for a moment - for example, when the girl tells us how she sometimes experiences joy in killing. With great sensitivity and in the best sense of documentary traditions, the directors have created a portrait of an unknown and torn region with simple means. We were impressed with the atmospheric intensity and the directness of filmic storytelling. The presence and straightforwardness of their main protagonist haunts one long after the film is over."

The first prize is an award of motion picture technology rental worth 2,500 Euros, sponsored by CAMCAR

2. Jury Prize

Cologne 2011, Philipp Käßbohrer, Fiction 23 min, German

"What would you do if you just happened to find out - today is the end of the world? Freak out? Keep cool? Or perhaps, you would tell no one about it? Walter, the character in Armadingen , decides for the latter. And suddenly, the sparks of an unexpected and believed-to-be long lost love to his dear Helga start to fly. Armadingen convinced us because it is a film that deals with the putative end of humanity in a new, refreshing and humorous way combined with a high level of skill, heart and originality. The realization, the actors, the dialogue, the visuality, the dramaturgy - all come together in a grand way - to tell this little tale."

The second prize is a day of digital color grading, sponsored by CinePostproduction GmbH Geyer Köln

Publikums Prize

The audience award NRW of 500 Euros, sponsored by the RheinEnergieStiftung Kultur also goes to Armadingen by Philipp Käßbohrer, Matthias Schulz and Jakob Beurle.

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