EUROPA 1ODEON  11/10/2011  7 p.m.

Senelis Grandpa

LTU 2010, Andrius Paskevicius,
Fiction 11’30 min, without dialogue

A young man visits his grandfather after a long time. Once he arrives at his grandfather’s house and starts doing every day works, mysterious things start happening – oranges appear out of nowhere. Eventually, the young man realizes that it is some kind of a riddle.

Eisblumen Iceflowers

DE 2011, Susan Gordanshekan,
Fiction 30 min, German/Bosnian with English subtitles

A secret burden lies on the shoulders of the young Bosnian Amir. Through a job in the caregiving field, he gets to know Mrs Osterloh who suffers from dementia. An encounter between two people on the fringe who hold on to each other for a moment and lose one another soon after.


Keha Mälu Body Memory

EST 2011, Ülo Pikkov, Animation 9’30 min, without dialogue

Our body remembers more than we can expect and imagine. Our body remembers also the sorrow and pain of our parents and grandparents as well as their ancestors. But, how far back is it possible to go in your bodily memory?

Sudd Out of Erasers

DK/SWE 2011, Erik Rosenlund, Fiction/Animation 15 min, without dialogue

A woman on her way home becomes a victim of a strange infection. She soon realizes that an epidemic is spreading and there are larger forces at work. While struggling to find a cure she also discovers that desperate times require hard choices.

Der Besuch The Visit

DE 2010, Conrad Tambour, Animation 9 min, German with English subtitles

A tragic-comic story about an old woman who summons the help of her son in the middle of the night – He is horrified and annoyed by her behaviour – as she attempts to prepare a meal for friends who have since long passed away. Fantasy, dream or reality?

EUROPA 2ODEON  11/11/2011  9 p.m.

More Zhelaniy Sea of Desires

RUS 2010, Shota Gamisonia, Fiction 28 min, Russian with English subtitles

A day in the life of two friends and Moscowvites. Only their Moscow has a real sea, the southern sun and homemade wine.

Dwa kroki za.. Two Steps behind...

POL 2010, Paulina Majda, Animation
8’30 min, Polish with English subtitles

Two Steps Behind is a story of a farmer’s family, partings, returns and goodbyes and the question “why?”. Why did I decide to leave my home, my street, my place, my country?

La huida The Runaway

ESP 2010, Victor Carrey, Fiction 11 min,
Spanish with English subtitles

Chewing gum. A dog leash. An Australia shaped stain on the wall. A bent traffic light. Each of these elements has its own story, even though all of them, when put together, create a new plot.


NL 2010, Pilvi Takala, Experimentalfilm
8 min, English

Based on real-life, the experimental video work tells about the life of six international poker professionals living within Bangkok’s poker community. A player explains that playing poker is more a means to make money than a passion, yet the rules of the community follow the game’s logic.


The Streets of the Invisibles

AUT 2011, Remo Rauscher,
Animation 11 min, English

30 years later, Mike Stone (Karl Malden) and Steve Keller (Michael Douglas) are back on the streets in search of a spree killer. A famous police drama from the 1970’s meets Google Street View.

A Morning Stroll

GB 2011, Grant Orchard, Animation 7 min, English

When a New Yorker walks past a chicken on his morning stroll, we’re left to wonder which one is the real city slicker.


Big Bang Big Boom

ITA 2010, Blu, Animation 10 min, without dialogue

A short unscientific film about evolution and its possible consequences.

Why Does Everybody Hate Cars

DE 2011, Stefan Vogt, Animation 1 min, English

The film shows why everybody hates cars.

EUROPA 3FILMFORUM  11/11/2011  10 p.m.

Dimanches On Sundays

BEL 2011, Valéry Rosier, Fiction/Documentary 16 min, without dialogue

Sundays. Or how Mankind faces the passage of time. We try to fill that free time at all costs. And it is that very time that we look at passing by, with boredom or laughter.

Teaser 2

Dulce Sweet

ESP 2011, Iván Ruiz Flores, Fiction 15 min, Spanish with English subtitles

Sweet is a fable about falling in love. The grandparents suffer from this temporary sickness, as do Adrian and Laura, who are barely ten years old. The elderly’s memories and the youngsters’ imagination are revived during dinner and with a game of words. Each obtains imperious meaning…

Accouchement Sonique
Sonic Birth

FRA 2011, Jérõme Blanquet, Experimental film 17 min, French with English subtitles

After a car accident, Serge is in a coma. As a research team is successfully trying to stimulate his memory, Serge will have to choose between living or dying…


Für Hanna For Hanna

DE 2011, Ina Spang, Fiction 13’30 min,
German with English subtitles

A man’s journey ends when a guard denies him the crossing of a bridge at night. For the first time, the traveller is forced to pause. That is when he becomes aware of his previously unnoticed doubts about his relationship, life and habits.

Bastagon und die Regenbogenprinzessin Bastagon and the Rainbow Princess

AUT 2011, Marc Schlegel, Fiction 20’30 min, without dialogue

“Sometimes love doesn’t need words”. Bastagon and the Rainbow Princess is a strange comedy about loneliness, desire, individualism, the fear of dancing, weird boys and weird girls, the great love and the one and only true Black Metal.

De Roni Roni

CH 2011, Andrea Schneider, Animation 7 min, German with English subtitles

Roni lives in the big city and feels right at home in his designer working life and skinny jeans. But as we find out, he still carries around some burdens from his past.


EUROPA 4ODEON  11/12/2011  3 p.m.

Führung Guided Tour

DE 2011, René Frölke, Documentary 37 min, German with English subtitles

In October 2008, at the peak of the economic crisis, the most important man in the country visits an art academy.

Hïstorïsk Dokument Sweet

DK 2011, Thomas Pors, Fiction 7 min,
Danish with English subtitles

The film is part of a documentary series from the future. One hears about historical incidents from the ones who were there when and where it happened. Today, eyewitness Christian Kasper Mathiasen, tells his story about the big crisis in Denmark: The Yeast Crisis.

evviva futurista - hoch lebe der futurist evviva futurista –
long live the futurist

DE 2010, Stefan Sick/Christopher Stöckle, Documentary 10 min, German with English subtitles

A documentary about the interaction between human and machine in the present working environment in Germany. The film follows the question: to what extent is our work engineered and how is this affecting the people?

About a spoon

BEL 2011, Philippe Lamensch, Fiction 14’30 min, French/English/Czech with English subtitles

On behalf of a loving family, the Wishman pays a New Year’s Eve visit to Mister Rico. After the wishes - delivered with punches to the face - he tells Mister Rico about his uprooting and a spoon. Rico doesn’t care. The Wishman is a service provider and service has to be provided.

Hawaï Polis Static

FRA 2009, Olivier Jagut,
Experimental film 4’30 min, without dialogue

John Wayne’s head as a monument to masculinity.

Film vimeo


ESP 2010, Patricia Venti, Experimental
6 min, Spanish with English subtitles

“Memory” is opposed to “silence” but for us human beings, both inexorably merge into oblivion, like water into water. As for us, others’, memory cannot truly be spoken.


EUROPA 5ODEON  11/12/2011  5 p.m.

Urka Burka

ITA 2010, Giorgio B. Borgazzi,
Fiction 12 min, Italian with English subtitles

A politically incorrect young man is haunted by a Burqa-ghost who chases him through the city. What does the Burqa represent? Is it an identity denying mask or a cloak of invisibility that allows whoever wears it to observe others without being recognized?

me & her

DE 2011, Ayda M. Arbatlı/Ilker Çatak,
Fiction 7’30 min, without dialogue

me & her is about a relationship between a man and woman, about forgotten nails, dental floss and the beauty of a PlayStation game.

Zapnten Garden

GR 2011, Nikolaos Goulios, Fiction 20 min,
Greek with English subtitles

An old florist and his tired van reach the day of retirement. The florist is convinced by his son to scrap the old and now useless van. Along the way, he is looking for life through the death of his tired friend.

Caring for Calum

GB 2011, Lou McLoughlan, Documentary 24 min, English

A middle aged man returns to his home, after years in exile, bringing with him a complex past that threatens his ambition to look after his father. As 92-year-old Calum enjoys the care, a tragedy in Uisdean’s past re-surfaces, leaving the role of carer to lap back and forth between them.


GB 2010, Daniel Mulloy • Fiction 25 min, English

A young woman is followed home by a stranger.

Ondar Ahoak Mouths of Sand

ESP 2010, Angel Aldarondo, Experimentalfilm 4’30 min, Basque with English subtitles

Tuna fish spend months hibernating after the active feeding season in the Cantabrian Sea. Each year these seasons are filmed in rings, leaving opaque areas due to the lack of food.


EUROPA 6ODEON  11/12/2011  10 p.m.

Mitä kuuluu? What’s up?

FIN 2010, Risto-Pekka Blom, Experimentalfilm
3’30 min, without dialogue

The video work combines distressed and contented sounds of a baby with images of adult men and women acting out the sounds and the feelings that they carry. The work deals, in a humorous way, with our innate need to feel accepted, loved and happy.

El somriure amagat
The Hidden Smile

ESP 2011, Ventura Durall, Fiction/Documentary 13 min, Original with English subtitles

The film follows a 10-year-old child who arrives at the Ethiopian capital after escaping from his home and his misfortunes to integrate into agroup of street kids.

Until the River Runs Red

GB 2010, Paul Wright, Fiction 27’30 min, English

16-year-old Chloe is the only daughter of God. Travelling around with her parents, Jack and Kate, she spends her days roaming the secluded countryside searching for the mythical “Red River”. As Chloe’s story unfolds, we realise the horrific truth of what brought them there.

more afraid of you

GB 2010, Barry Kimber, Fiction 15 min, English

Tessa, an 80-year-old woman, is pestered by a scratching noise in her bedroom wall. Lucinda fears for her mother’s mental stability when her existing fear of spiders appears to grow. One day, she faces the spider again and suffers a fatal heart attack. But is the spider real or imagined?


Sonntag 2 Sunday 2

DE 2010, Jochen Kuhn,
Animation 11’30 min, German with English subtitles

The second part of a series of Sunday day trips. In Sunday 2 we accompany the flaneur to the last presentation at the Krause Theater, which is soon to close.

Dove sei, amor mio
Where are you, my love

CRO 2011, Veljko Popovic,
Animation 10’30 min, without dialogue

Is the comfort of routine and the happiness it provides, enough to keep us its slaves forever?

short clip

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