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Even giants have humble beginnings. Or do these “first steps” also bear the mark of a genius?
Ron Diamond, founder of the Animation World Network and Director of Acme Filmworks, asked some of the big names working in the animation world today if they would be prepared to let him have a look at their first films. Many agreed and out of this was born a very inspiring program.

Overwhelming talent and originality  can already be detected in the first works by the makers of animation features such as Toy Story, Wallace and Gromit, How to Train Your Dragon, Disney’s Aladdin, Lilo and Stitch and Monsters, Inc. These first films offer an - up until now – almost unregarded insight into a unique chapter in animation film history. Today, John Lasseter, Eric Goldberg or Nick Park respresent studios like Pixar, Aardman, Disney or Dreamworks. Their names are virtually synonymous with blockbuster animation: UP, Shrek, Arthur Christmas. Without these animation giants, whose names are only known in expert animation circles, there would have never been a Lion King, Tarzan or The Beauty and the Beast.

This special program “Giant’s First Steps” will present a selection of their first films. Here, the audience will have the opportunity to discover the then already burgeoning tale-telling talents and design expertise of these great animation professionals. Among others, John Lasseter’s (Disney/Pixar) student films, for which he received the Student Academy Awards, will be screened.

This program will be presented by Johannes Wolters, head of International Night and Days of Animation Cologne (INDAC) in cooperation with and Walt Disney Pictures Germany.

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Time & PlaceFILMFORUM  11/12/2011  5.30 p.m.

The following films will be shown

Sherlock Holmes USA 1972, Ron Clements

Next Door USA 1992, Pete Docter

Winter USA 1988, Pete Docter

Palm Spring USA 1989, Pete Docter

For Sale USA 1974, Eric Goldberg

Lady and the Lamp USA 1978, John Lasseter

Nitemare USA 1979, John Lasseter

Let’s Misbehave USA unknown, Kevin Lima

Frannie’s Christmas USA 1992, Mike Mitchell

Untitled USA unknown, John Musker

Jack and the Beanstalk GB 1971, Nick Park

A Time for Love USA 1993, Carlos Saldanha

The Strange Case of Mr Donnybrook’s

Boredom USA 1982, David Silverman

Somewhere in the Arctic USA 1987, Andrew Stanton

A story USA 1985, Andrew Stanton

The Daymaker USA 1982, Chris Wedge

Child Proof USA 1984, Kirk Wise

2nd screening
Sunday  11/13  12 a.m. at CINEDOM
Admission 10 Euro

La Luna USA 2011, Enrico Casarosa
German premiere, only at CINEDOM!

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