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We miss you
kurzundschön is a European Competition for students and trainees working in the areas of audio-visual media. Yearly, a total 30,000 Euros worth of prizes is awarded to film-based, artistic and installlation-oriented projects.

A collaborative event put on by the Arts and Media Academy of Cologne and the WDR, the competition took place this year on May 14th. With four main categories,  five special awards and numerous expert juries, kurzundschön is one of the largest and most multi-faceted competitions for up-and-coming creatives working in the audio-visual fields in Europe.

Time & PlaceODEON  11/11/2011  7 p.m.

For the first time at UNLIMITED, we will present the award-winning films and works from the most recent kurzundschön competition. In 2011, thirteen prizes went to short films, advertising films, social spots, projects in the area of motion design and other innovative works.

We are expecting a number of the prize-winners to be present at the festival. Judith Ruzicka, kurzundschön organizer and UNLIMITED jury member will present the program.

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