NRW 1ODEON  11/10/2011  10 p.m.

Wachstum Growth

Köln 2011, Florian Heinzen-Ziob, Animation/Documentary 23 min, German

In my grandparent’s garden there was a cherry tree that grew a little more every year. And, as I grew during that time, so did the world population and gross domestic product. I had the feeling I would keep on growing forever.

Im dritten Jahr Year Three

Köln 2011, Sebastian Hilger, Fiction 7’30 min, German

Till doesn’t have many friends anymore. The few he does have left consider him difficult. He is lonely and women don’t seem to notice him. It’s New Years Eve and he wants to have fun, numb himself and forget. He wants to let go, just for one evening.

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Placebus Placebus – Waiting for Godot’s Bus

Köln 2010, Michael Binz, Documentary 4 min, German

The administration of a nursing home set up the imaginary bus station for their patients, who suffer Alzheimer’s disease. Thanks to this construction, a patient with Alzheimer’s disease is given a place to go and can travel through their memories without getting lost.

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Köln 2011, Philipp Käßbohrer, Fiction 23 min, German

Walter and his wife Helga have been leading parallel lives for many years now. One day, Walter hears news of a gigantic asteroid hurtling towards earth on the tractor radio. He decides to conceal the end of the world from her and becomes determined to make the best possible last day on earth for her...

The Yodel Within

Bonn 2010, Matthew Rice , Documentary 11min, English

A young man from USA is inspired to travel to Germany and learn how to yodel after he watches a YouTube video of “The World’s Greatest Yodeler”.

Summer knows

Köln 2011, Jan Seemann, Fiction 11’30 min German

A loving couple and a young man accidentally encounter on a train ride. This accidental meeting turns into a game of light and shadow.

break up

Münster 2011, Christian Knie, Fiction 5 min, German

Kevin wants to break up with his girlfriend. However, he has some problems to find the right words and for that reason drops some bricks.

NRW 2FILMFORUM  11/11/2011  8 p.m.

Waldeslust  Forester Frank

Köln 2011, Lucas Seeberger, Fiktion 10 Min, German

Frank is a hunter and today, he wants to take time to relax on his stand in the woods. He is not really into hunting, but he can’t make a fool of himself at home either, so he needs something to show. He takes his shot, accidentally hits someone and his calm day begins to fall apart.


Köln 2010, Lars Henning, Fiktion 33 Min, German subtitles

Japanese business traveller, Oshima, misses his connecting flight. Noticing a German businessman and his translator who look like they are expecting him, he spontaneously decides to join them.

17 Senkrecht 17 Vertically

Dortmund 2011, Onat Hekimoglu, Fiction 17 min, German

Paul’s girlfriend, Isi, breaks up with him. On his way to work he finds a seemingly normal crossword and every word he fills in lets him dive into his memories with her. A journey to his past begins.



Köln 2010, Kerstin Gramberg, Animation/Experimentalfilm 3 min, without dialogue

Nekropolis – a city as an autonomous organism, shifting rhythmically between construction and deconstruction.

Paled Twice

Köln 2010, Annkatrin Hausmann/Shirin Saghaie, Fiction 14’30 min, German

The short film PALED TWICE connects episodic stories that take place during one night in a hotel. A girl who rejects the world, a man who breaks the silence and a transvestite who bares himself.


The 10th floor

Köln 2011, Alexander Paul, Fiction 2’30 min, without dialogue

Two strangers cross paths in a luxury hotel elevator and exit into adjacent rooms on the same floor... then what? Do they fantasize about one another? Do they build up the courage to knock on the other’s door? Did they even notice one another at all?

Film vimeo

NRW 3ODEON  11/12/2011  7.30 p.m.

copyundpaste copyandpaste

Köln 2011, Renato Spieler/Georg Gilcher, Fiction 12 min, German

Lenny and Oleg are two little pickpockets. When opportunity knocks for a big coup, they go for it and steal a script. Whether or not their criminal tendencies work out for them in starting a carreer in television is left to be seen.

Morgen Küche - Farce mit Möbeln Morning Kitchen – Farce with Furniture

Dortmund 2010, Volker Krieger , Animation 1 min, German

Two chairs greet their kitchen. When coffee enters the scene, the plot thickens.

Kamakia - Die Helden der Insel Kamakia - The Heroes of the Island

Köln 2010, Jasin Challah, Documentary 37 min, German

The very special documentarian, Kosta Rapadopolos, returns to his homeland to interview the legendary „Kamakia“, brave men who sacrificed themselves in order to satiate the very “special” needs of certain “tourists”.

Along the G-Line

Köln 2010, Marianna Christofides, Experimentalfilm 2 min, without dialogue

A seven-year-old boy is turning cartwheels along the UN–Buffer zone dividing Nicosia.

Der Mond ist ein schöner Ort The Moon is a Wonderful Place

Köln 2011, Anne Maschlanka/Victoria Gurtovaj, Documentary 15 min, Albanian with German subtitles

Nurie is 8 years old and lives with her family in Albania, in the historical centre of the city Berati. Nurie tells us about her love for her place of birth and why she can’t match it with her dreams about the future.


Dortmund 2010, Astrid Busch, Experimental film 6 min, without dialogue

The idyllic life in a small peaceful village is briefly interrupted by rain.

The Ironing Man

Bonn 2010, Abbey Nelson, Documentary 12 min, English

Richard French’s life is full of adventure, danger, and irons. Yes. Irons. Richard serves in the British Royal Army in the sniper platoon. In his spare time, he has discovered Extreme Ironing, a sport that combines the thrills of outdoor activities with the satisfaction of a well-pressed shirt.

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