Les voiliers du Luxembourg Sailboats of Luxembourg

FRA 2005, Fiction 24 min, French with English subtitles

Paris, Jardin du Luxembourg: little César goes for a walk in the park with his mother and lets one of the typical little sailboats glide across the lake. His boat meets with the unknown – a coincidence that will fundamentally change the lives of son and mother....

La copie de Coralie Copy of Coralie

FRA 2008, Fiction 22 min, French with English subtitles

Mister Conforme, operator of the copy shop, “Copie Conforme”, has been wallowing for 30 years in the memory of his wife, who disappeared suddenly from his life. His employee, Virginie, decides to take matters into her own hands.

Un premier amour First Love

FRA 2008, Fiction 6 min, French with German subtitles

As Frederic boards another non-descript train he suddenly encounters the woman of his dreams. But upon approaching her, he discovers that he has done all this before. Is this the same woman he once knew?

Le crocodile du Dniepr Dnipro Crocodile

FRA 2010, Fiction 10’30 min, French with English subtitles

Emilie, new to Kiev, is searching for the street where she lived as a child. There, she finds is a shopping center - an area where crocodiles lurk.

Les pseudonymes Pseudonyms

FRA 2011, Fiction 33 min, French with English subtitles

Samuel, a young, frustrated writer who works in a book shop, publishes his first book under a pseudonym. A young editor is thrilled at the discovery of this unknown talent, yet Samuel is not sure he is ready to give away his true identity at any price.
Time & PlaceINSTITUT FRANÇAIS  11/11/2011  7 p.m.
After the film program, we invite you for a Q&A with director Nicolas Engel. Thereafter join us for an informal drink get-together.

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