La gran carrera
A furrytale
Rise and Fall of W. C.
This year, on November 11th, 2011 at 11 p.m.,  will present a very special and tasty cineastic treat. We have put together a program of weird and wonderful current short films sent to us from all corners of Europe.

Rollercoaster is a wild mix of themes, styles and genres. Next to a bitter sweet animation, you will find a scurrile documentary or an experimental “Porn” film next to a fictional utopia. The program will take the viewer on a ride of physical and emotional states: sometimes a sense of “horror” emerges  - ever so subtle and quiet and then – boom!  An unexpected shock effect jolts you right up in your seat. And yet, there is even space in this program for tender moments and comical situations.
Different genres and mediums are deployed: found footage, stop motion, computer animation, and not to forget, real fiction. Individually, the films stand for themselves. Together in this special program – the mix makes for a spectacular ride!

Children visit their grandparents, a woman pursues her work, a man drops by to tune a piano. A horse racetrack, farms, forests, living rooms and kitchens. Familiar places and spaces of the everyday,  but with a twist. Sound boring? Think again...get on the rollercoaster and find out for yourself!

Time & PlaceODEON  11/11/2011  11 p.m.
Audience members with the craziest costumes will receive a free drink (Kölsch-beer!) as a reward!

Following Films will be shown

A furrytale DE 2011, Anniki Heinemann, Documentary 8’30 min, German with English subtitles

Ella GB 2011, Dan Gitsham, Fiction 9 min, English

Gilles Corporation FRA 2009, Vianney Meurville, Fiction 7min, French with English subtitles

Hollywood Mutant Gang Bang FIN 2010, Mauri Lehtonen, Animation 4 min, without dialogue

La gran carrera ESP 2010, Kote Camacho, Fiction 7 min, Spanish with English subtitles

La version du loup BEL 2011, Ann Sirot/Raphaël Balboni, Fiction 10 min, French with English subtitles

L’accordeur FRA 2010, Olivier Treiner, Fiction 13’30 min, French with English subtitles

Metachaos ITA 2010, Alessandro Bavari, Animation 8’30 min, without dialogue

Millhaven POL 2010, Bartek Kulas, Animation 7 min, Polish with English subtitles

Outside In | Escave Yourself AUT 2011, Christoph Papitsch /Julius Lechner, Animation 5 min, without dialogue

Rise and Fall of W. C. EST 2011, Martinus Klemet, Animation 5’30 min, without dialogue

Soba CRO 2011, Ivana Juric, Animation 5 min, without dialogue

Vicenta ESP 2010, SAM, Animation 22 min, Spanish with English subtitles

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