Koraline I+II
Le premier amour
Premier plans

A film reel, a topic and the challenge to shoot and edit a film with camera only: those were the terms set by Regard Indépendant.

After development of the film, the artists project the material – as is -  onto the big screen.

The best films from this year’s participants of the Super 8 Competition and a selection of past Super 8 projects will be presented at  UNLIMITED this year.

Time & PlaceODEON  11/12/2011  9 p.m.

Koraline I+II by Tina von Traben and Marcel Belledin show a pedestrian zone as a favorite public space, where the filmmakers pay particular attention to details.
The title Un premier amour de jardin (First love in the garden) by Nathalie Portas accurately describes the focus of this film: exceptional and extraordinary are the gardens found in the middle of the most dry of landscapes. Here, a human is no longer human. Admidst the madness in the barren, dry scapes - a first love for a garden blossoms.
A young man loves a woman in Cyril Belange’s Le premier amour, c‘est pas toujours ça. We witness the duration of summer depicted like the time it takes for an ice cube to melt in the summer sun of Nice.
Il était un petit navire... by Antoine Banni: Madame Hortense is out of luck. She’s purchased decorative garden knomes only to find that they are no ordinary knomes, but spritely little goblins on a mission to annoy her neighbors.
Regardez le ciel! by Balloum and Sand tells of a “wild” woman from a far-away country who has landed at the airport in Nice. Equipped with a camera, she jumps into a taxi, set out to discover the exotic.
In Premiers plans, Vincent Jourdan tells a very personal story: About his first camera - a Canon 310 XL.
Roxane Petitier keeps it personal with Ce n‘est plus mon film: “The first time that I shot a film… I had no actors. I filmed my own reality, my own love story.”
JsDream.6 by Feyyaz is a portrait about Julia-Maria Köhler and won the Straight 8 National Jury Prize in Nice 2010.
With the short Eli, a film about a girl and her dog, Leanne Flinn won the International Jury Prize in 2010.

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